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melonDS 0.7.2 [569][witek], 2018-12-16 19:48:46

[Source: http://melonds.kuribo64.net]

ver 0.7
• fix possible crashes when exiting
• wifi: add basic access point melonAP (very beta)
• fix SMULWx/SMLAWx opcodes, fixes Sims 2 music
• add support for loading BIOS/firmware files and config file from AppData or ~/.config/melonds or from the executable directory (hcorion)
• add 32-bit IPCSYNC reads/writes (Dirbaio)
• add savestates
• 3D: (hopefully) fix bug in shadow/AA interaction (visible in the MKDS character select preview, bottom border of the platform thing)

ver 0.7.1
• fix glitched lines in 3D
• fix backwards windows
• more accurate GX timings
• more accurate DMA and memory timings
• check for config/etc files in melonDS directory explicitly
• allow joystick axis events even when no dpad buttons are mapped
• detect savemem type from database instead of huge messy fucky code

ver 0.7.2
• microphone input (physical mic, noise, wav)
• nocash-style console printing
• send console output to cmd under Windows
• corrections to romlist.bin
• 2D: fix blending for semitransp sprites and 3D layer when windows are used (bypasses window "color effect enable" check)
• 3D: fix "equal" depth test margin in Z-buffering mode, fixes Puzzlers World 2
• SPU: add support for channel repeat mode 3 (behaves same as 1)
• SPU: always clear channel buffers, even when running ch0-7 in mode 3 (fixes American Girl - Kit Mystery Challenge!)
• libui/windows: cache ideal size for uiButton. fixes lag in input config dialog
• close/open lid, sleep mode
• hotkey system
• audio settings dialog, with volume slider and microphone settings
• libui/gtk: remember last directory in which a ROM was opened
• libui/gtk: attempts at fixing input config dialog crashes
• framerate limiter toggle (abcdjdj)
• add Linux libpcap library names (dogtopus)
• betterer readme (Aqueminivan)
• GX: set busy flag immediately when putting things in the FIFO, fixing possible race condition
• GX: revise timing for SWAP_BUFFERS command
• add flatpak manifest (cpba)

Emulator dla win 64bit, wersja dla Linux na domowej. Należy jeszcze dociągnąć BIOSy.