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WinUAE 4.2.0 Beta8 [579][witek], 2019-04-06 23:50:05

[Source: http://eab.abime.net/showthread.php?t=96067&page=4]

Beta 8: (Possibly final)

- Added A2090a ROM driver workaround, in one error condition situation it forgets to set correct DMAC mode before reading DMA status. So apparently DMA error bit can be also read when last mode was start DMA (or perhaps it is always valid). Fixes A2090a + tape drive hang.
- Not all autoconfig boards configured fully when used with A2620/A2630. (Which has differently behaving autoconfig driver compared to KS ROM in its boot rom)
- Sprite to bitplane and bitplane to bitplane collisions didnt work correctly if subpixel mode was enabled.