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WinUAE 4.1.0 Final [731][witek], 2018-12-07 00:46:59

[Source: http://www.winuae.net/]

PC Bridgeboard (A1060 Sidecar, A2088, A2088T, A2286 and A2386SX) emulation rewrite:

-Emulation core replaced with PCem. Compatibility has improved greatly, for example Windows 3.x enhanced mode, DOS extenders and Windows 95 are now fully working.
-Bridgeboard built-in CGA emulation graphics corruption fixed.
-A2386SX VLSI chipset memory remapping, shadowing and EMS fully supported.
-Cirrus Logic emulation PC compatibility improved, 2M VRAM, linear frame buffer and blitter support.
-PC Speaker emulation (PCem)
-Sound Blaster emulation (PCem, various models)
-Serial mouse emulation (PCem)
-SCSI adapter emulation (Rancho Technology RT1000B)

Other updates:

-AGA hires/superhires horizontal pixel positioning and borderblank horizontal single hires pixel offset fully emulated. Optional because it requires much more CPU power and it is rarely needed. DIWHIGH H0/H1 AGA-only bits emulated.
-AGA FMODE>0 undocumented features implemented (BPLxDAT, SPRxDAT CPU/copper accesses, bitplane modulos that are not integer divisible by fetch size)
Added new misc option which captures mouse immediately when windowed/full-window winuae window is activated.
-68030 MMU emulation compatibility improved.
-Paula disk emulation GCR MSBSYNC support added (Alternate Reality protection track).
-Added quick search and quick directory select to Configurations panel. Link and autoload moved to Advanced information panel.
-Added history list to config file name edit box and to statefile path string box.
-Added vertical offset option to D3D scanlines.
-64-bit version didnt support 64-bit unrar.dll.
-68030/040/060 with data cache emulation but without enabled MMU emulation: force Chip RAM as non-data cacheable.
-Magic mouse Windows cursor to Amiga mouse sync partially fixed.
-Window corners now work as drag n drop hot spots for different floppy drives. (top/left=0, top/right=1, bottom/left=2, bottom/right=3).

Bug fixes:

-68020 + memory cycle exact hung the emulator in some situations.
-Reading CIA interrupt status register in a very tight loop generated spurious interrupt(s) in certain situations.
-Softfloat mode with unimplemented FPU emu ticked didnt disable 68040/060 unmasked interrupts, confusing 68040/68060.library and possibly causing it to return incorrect values.
-Some CHD CD images didnt mount correctly.
uaehf.device HD_SCSICMD didnt set scsi_SenseActual. Also set io_Actual=30 (=sizeof(struct SCSICmd))
-If config file had KS ROM path/file that didnt exist, it was replaced with non-existing ../system/rom/kick.rom path or was not correctly fixed with valid path.
-NCR53F94 SCSI chip emulation DMA counter fix (affected for example Blizzard SCSI Kit)
-Very large directory harddrives returned halved used/free space.
-Fixed multiple problems with screenshots and video recording from hardware emulated RTG board.
-Filter panel scanlines work now correctly in multimonitor mode.
-Crash fixed if more than one non-Paula audio stream was active. Included emulated sound cards, also CD audio if “include” option ticked.
-NE2000 PCMCIA and NE2000 bridgeboard didnt support custom MAC and network mode selection.
-Fixed hardware emulated graphics board hang with Picasso96 if board supported vblank interrupts and RTG board refresh rate mode was not Chipset.
-Fixed statefile crash when saving statefile while disk operation was active and disk image included bit cell timing information.

Bug fixes (Introduced in 4.0.0/4.0.1):

-Display port adapters that needed genlock transparency data (FireCracker, HAM-E, OpalVision, ColorBurst) didnt work correctly since 4.0.0.
-Display port adapters didnt work in multimonitor mode.
-Blitter statesave with blitter active: log window opened and listed few lines of blitter debug information.
-Some programs caused continuous flood of “blitter is active, forcing immediate finish” log messages.
-CTRL+F11 quit ignored new “Warn when attempting to close window” option.
68020/030 more compatible/cycle-exact mode statefiles didnt always restore properly.

New emulated hardware:

-CSA Twelwe Gauge (A1200 68030 accelerator + SCSI controller)
-AccessX/Acetec IDE controller.

W paczce 32/64bit intaller,gotowiec,pluginy.