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Nova 0.4.0 [564][glob@s], 2018-09-04 13:29:10

[Source: https://twitter.com/realSteveKwok/]

Emulator Sega Saturn

CDB: Rewrote the entire Filter/Buffer/Partition/File system.
CDB: Rewrote most of the commands.
CDB: Rewrote the HIRQREQ register and interrupts handling.
CDB: Rewrote the DATATRNS register and data transferring.
CDB: Rewrote the periodic response procedure.
CDB: Rewrote CdReport.
CDB: Rewrote subcode Q decoding.
CDB: Implemented rarely used commands.
CDB: Implemented better timing for commands.
CDB: Implemented subcode R~W decoding.
CDB: Implemented REJECT/WAIT/ERROR handlings.
CDB: Implemented Copy/Move between selectors.
CDB: Improved status transition.
CDB: Improved logging.
CDB: Added timing for seeking process.
SCU: Improved PPAF handling, setting value by an event.
SCU: Fixed a bug of accessing area detection.
VDP1: Fixed a bug of initializing.
SYSTEM: Improved threads synchronization.
SYSTEM: Rewrote CD reading.
SYSTEM: Rewrote the CD reading thread.
SYSTEM: Added new log types Notice and Remarks.
BIOS: Fixed a bug of the HIRQREQ register initial value.
MISC: Rewrote the BIN/ISO parser.
MISC: Fixed a bug(wrong track mode) of the MDS parser.