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Altirra 3.20 Test5 [265][witek], 2018-11-23 20:32:11

[Source: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/281825-altirra-310-released/page-8]


-Compiler updated to VS2017 15.9.2 for official ARM64 support. (Hopefully nothing breaks.)
-Fixed incorrect handling of VSCROL writes on cycle 0. (regression since 3.20 test-2)
-Added option to hide all on-screen indicator overlays: Configure System > Emulator > Display
-Workaround for more Windows high-DPI weirdness that was causing the contextual help in Configure System to display at weird font sizes on high DPI displays. (RichEdit controls have very broken high DPI behavior.)
-Misc keyboard navigation fixes for configure system dialog.
-Fixed bug in modem setting handling that caused the telnet option to load incorrectly in the UI (it did save correctly).
-Added visual drop targets.
-Improved banked cartridge debugging: symbols outside of $A000-BFFF are no longer considered banked symbols even if they are defined in a cartridge bank.