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Altirra 3.10 Test30 [335][witek], 2018-06-12 15:18:09

[Source: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/273633-altirra-300-released/page-19]

-The .basic_rebuildvnt command now has a -t switch to enable TurboBasic XL label support. This allows rebuilding the VNT for protected programs that have it wiped and use TBXL labels (which otherwise would be interpreted as Atari BASIC arrays).
-The disk explorer now has options to relax filename rules for DOS 2 compatible volumes, and will attempt to encode the names of files that dont work with the rules when copying in new files.
-Double-clicking on a mapper in the cartridge mapper auto-confirms.
-XEL-CF3 with the swap button is now emulated.
-The emulator now attempts to detect if a binary program being directly loaded overlaps enabled internal BASIC, and if so will prompt to disable it. This is detected if internal BASIC is enabled and the program has a segment loading over $A000-BFFF before the first init segment.
-Build changes: localconfig .props work again, compiler bumped to VS2017 15.7.3.