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Supermodel 0.3 WIP SVN729 [15][witek], 2018-05-25 20:44:53

-Render the opaque part of texture transparency in the first pass. Fixes numerous transparency related issues in lemans24 and some in ocean hunter. I dont really know if this is the correct way of solving this because the real3d pro-1000 is a complete black box. There is still a lot we dont understand about how it handles transparency.
-Added a stretch mode (-stretch) and modified new renderers viewport code (hopefully correctly) to handle aspect ratio correction and widening the way the legacy one does.
-Parse siblings after children. Its the only way to get Daytona water fall to look correct without h/w poly sorting.
– Fixed Makefiles for non-MSYS builds. Unfortunately had to revert a lot of the automated configuration that Harry had inserted. Users will again need to hand-edit Makefile.Win32 for their configuration. Verbose warnings (-Wall) have been restored.
– Parse out TranslucencyPatternSelect
– Select correct bit
Snes9x 1.55 TEST [8][witek], 2018-05-25 20:37:28

[Source: http://www.s9x-w32.de/dl/testbuilds/]

- improvements with IRQ, NMI, invalid VRAM access
- SDD1 mapping fix
- .glsl/.glslp support

- fixes for OGL/glsl
- glsl shader parameter dialog

WinUAE 4.0.0 Beta11 [5][witek], 2018-05-25 20:34:11

[Source: http://eab.abime.net/showthread.php?t=91755&page=21]

Beta 11:

- D3D11 fullscreen mode after alt-tab/gui was not restored properly if emulation was in paused state.
- D3D9 lagless vsync partial updates (introduced in b5) used incorrect (full, D3DLOCK_DISCARD) texture update mode.
- Decrease/increase emulation speed input events didnt do anything.
- Power led dim config option is now integer (0 = fully off, 1 to 100 = brightness level)
- Hardware emulated graphics boards didnt update properly without enabled OSD led (uaegfx was already fixed in b9)
- A2410 didnt support multiple monitor mode.
- Merged Aranym JIT updates.
- Fixed old (since the beginning?) JIT bug: many instructions always cleared V-flag (ADDX, SUBX, NEGX, BTST/BCHG/BCLR/BSET, possibly others). Fix by Thorsten Otto.
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Vice 3.2.0 [71][witek], 2018-05-20 17:30:19

[Source: http://vice-emu.sourceforge.net/]

** General

- New (experimental) GTK3 native port, this and the SDL(2) port will replace
all other ports (which will get removed) in VICE 3.3 and onward.
- Handling of the `-keybuf` command now works properly for all emulators and
RAM sizes.
- Fixed handling of LOAD"$$" with virtual devices.
- Fixed @CD, @MD and @RD commands for virtual filesystem devices.
- Fixed NEOS Mouse emulation.
- Call the new CIA "8521" instead of "6526A" (which is wrong) in the UIs.
- Added 4sid support.
- Fixed tape wobble.
- Erase timing fixes in flash core.
- Dont allocate sectors on tracks > 70 in the BAM of 1571 images.
- Ethernet emulation: fix register mapping in rr-net mode.
- reSID: fixed envelope bugs shown by testprogs/SID/env_test/.
- Fixed 6509 CPU port issues.
- Added support for TAP virtual network interface.
- Fixed drive clock overflow. Drive and host went out of sync on clock
overflow (every ~4G cycles), which would break loading or custom drive
code in the case loader/stuff is not idle during overflow window. Also
drive would execute ~4G cycles out of sync, which made the emulator freeze
for a while.

** Monitor

- Fix monitor m command buffer overflow.
- Added conditional on values in memory to breakpoint handling.

** SDL changes

- Cosmetic overhaul of the SDL UI.
- New drag n drop support for the SDL2 port(s).
- Fixed monitor display of printables with the M (memdump) command.
- Fixed drive status display in statusbar.
- Added "advance frame".
- Disable the mouse pointer unless we really need it.
- Change MacOSX SDL menu key to F10 to accommodate old MacBooks etc.
- Change default menu key for sdl amiga based platforms to F10.
- Added default hotkey files (with hotkeys similar to existing GUIs).
- Added various keymaps for use with keyrah in combian/retropie.
- Added controller mapping file for PS3 controller.

** Android changes

- Do not enable mouse emulation by default.

** Mac OS X changes

- Reinstated the Cocoa UIs Video Settings dialog. Some of the controls
dont work properly, but its better than nothing.
- Added a PET model selection menu to the Cocoa UI.
- Fixed Cocoa UIs CPU memory window display. It still requires the monitor
to be activated before it will show anything, however.

** OS/2 changes

- Removed native OS/2 port. The native OS/2 port has been lagging behind
severely, and the recently added SDL OS/2 port is up-to-date, making the
unmaintained native OS/2 port obsolete.

** C1541 changes

- Fixed illegal characters in filenames for the read and extract commands.

** C64(SC) changes

- Fixed enabling/disabling memory expansion hacks.
- New tapecart emulation.
- Added waasoft dongle emulation.
- Fixed initial cpuport data.
- Added support for 256k magic desk images, ie DDI Magic Cart. Also allow
512k and 1M magic desk carts (some homebrew variant).
- plus60k memory write fix.
- Fix plus256k emulation.
- Added fmopl (sfx sound expander) timer support.
- Fixed saving of GMOD2 cartridge image.

** C128 changes

- New tapecart emulation.
- Fixed MMU mirrors.

** CBM2 changes

- Allow+fix loading of 8k chargen.
- Fixed ESC-Z/ESC-Y.
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Ootake v2.89 [37][witek], 2018-05-19 01:49:52

[Source: http://www.ouma.jp/ootake/]

2018/05/18 2.89 released

- Fixed a bug that the display-lag countermeasure implemented in v2.88 was not working in many PC environments of Windows 8/10/Aero.
+ In the case of operation on Win8/10 or Aero, Windows automatically
performs V-Sync processing. therefore, 1 frame delay buffer is included. So, compared to WinXP or non-Aero Vista/7, one frame delays appears absolutely. Still, compared to Ootake2.87 or earlier, I succeeded in shortening the delay of about 1 to 2 frames.
+ With the most excellent Win7(non-Aero setting), it is about 1 frame lag compared to the real PC Engine. * It is the result I measured by connecting to the same liquid crystal display(about 1 frame lag).
+ A common low-cost PC game pad (you need to press the four-way key deeply) has "physical delay on its game pad itself". Please use an easy to operate game pad like a consumer game machine. Examine the net information and you will find a good game pad. Incidentally, controller of PS4(sony) can also be used with Ootake.

- In "Space Harrier", "Power Drift", HES files etc, (a game with many reference times of controller), fixed a bug that the operation was extremely heavy (occurred in v2.88, processing was heavier when XInput compatible game pad was disconnected).
- When "3-Button Pad" is connected, hold down the "Function Button" and press the [IIIr] button, you can start another game from the recent history. You can also shoot screenshots with the [IIIs] button while holding down the "Function Button". ("Function Buttons + RUN or SELECT" can also be used as before)
- When "6-Button Pad" is connected, hold down the "Function Button" and press the [III] button, you can start another game from the recent history. You can also shoot screenshots with the [IV] button while holding down the "Function Button". ("Function Buttons + RUN or SELECT" can also be used as before)
- Additionally, a detailed part has been improved and corrected.
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Unofficial Hiscore (18.V.2018) [30][witek], 2018-05-19 01:39:16

[Source: http://highscore.mameworld.info]

Aktualizacja hiscore.dat. Plik wrzucamy do folderu plugins -> hiscore.
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WinUAE 4.0.0 Beta10 [32][witek], 2018-05-19 01:34:40

[Source: http://eab.abime.net/showthread.php?t=91755&page=18]

Beta 10:

- Full-window mode captured mouse (and moved it to center of screen) even when window didnt have focus.
- Removed single buffer display option, it was only useful when using old low latency vsync mode.
- Help button now asks for opening online help version if help file is not installed. (not finished yet)
- Added windowed mode resize enable/disable option. Default is enabled.
- Added D3D11 standard vsync black frame insertion support. (100Hz/120Hz)
- Action Replay II/III statefile support improved. (For example AR state was invalid when loading AR statefile when AR was already active)
- On the fly switching between fastest possible <> non-fastest possible CPU modes in lagless vsync caused hang in certain situations.
- Debugger: show number of cycles used when tracing (t, z, breakpoints). Only shown if max 2 frames since last debugger activation. (TODO: should also count number of memory accesses and no-wait state minimum cycle count)
- Freezer cartridge automatic RTG switch on/off wasnt reliable.
- Removed forgotten, useless and obsolete "The selected screen mode cant be displayed in a window, because.." check.
- 68030 MMU PLOAD R variant (R/W bit=1) caused f-line exception.
- Clear both ping-pong buffers when pausing/unpausing WASAPI exclusive sound mode.
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Altirra 3.10 Test26 [23][witek], 2018-05-19 01:27:38

[Source: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/273633-altirra-300-released/page-18]

-Rapidus low flash window is now tied to PBI enable and 6502CR is no longer cleared on warm reset.
-Fixed a bug with the Shift key state sometimes getting out of whack on boot in full raw keyboard scan mode. This was a particularly problematic with the stock Rapidus PBI flash, which interprets any key held down as a request to go to 6502 safe mode.
-Placeholder "you have no Rapidus OS" ROM was crashing sometimes due to having crap in standard vector locations.

Note that warm reset still wont work with the 6502 safe mode in Rapidus -- as far as I can tell, the 8-bit PBI flash doesnt have a provision for handling this and always overwrites low memory. 6502C mode enabled through the setup menu should work.

-Selecting color presets now resets the color matching mode.
-Fix XEGS/SXEGS sub-emulation in The!Cart emulation -- fixed and variable banks were swapped.
-Add some new verifier modes: loads from absolute address 0, disk I/O reads over active display list, OS calling convention violations (calling SIOV with I=1).
-Support for cartridge types: Blizzard 32K (60), XEGS 64K alternate (67), Atrax 128K in raw ordering (68), aDawliah 32K (69), aDawliah 64K (70).
-There is now a checkbox on the mapper dialog to override the detection if you really need to force a mapper that is not showing up (such as if the init vectors are garbage).
-Compiler updated from VS2017 15.4.2 to 15.7.1. (What could possibly go wrong?)

-Fix list view double-click crash.
-Improve handling of double-clicks so that double click on checkboxes doesnt activate the item.
-Disable boot sector field when creating disks with 512 byte sectors.
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