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mGBA 0.6.0 [53][witek], 2017-07-18 18:12:54

[Source: https://mgba.io//]

Inne platformy tutaj.

Changes from 0.5.2
-Library view
-Sprite viewer
-Debugging console
-Improved memory viewer
-Memory search
-Command line ability to override configuration values
-Add option to allow preloading the entire ROM before running
-Add option for whether rewinding restores save games
-Savestates now contain any RTC override data
-Add option to lock video to integer scaling
-LR35902: Watchpoints
-LR35902/GB-Z80 disassembler
-GB: Tile viewer
-GB: Video/audio channel enabling/disabling
-GB: Symbol table support
-GB MBC: Add MBC1 multicart support
-GBA: Support printing debug strings from inside a game
-GBA: Better cheat type autodetection
-Implement keypad interrupts
-Configuration of gamepad hats
-Video log recording for testing and bug reporting
-Debugger: Segment/bank support
-Debugger: Execution tracing
-Partial Python scripting support
-Qt: German translation (by Lothar Serra Mari)
-Qt: Spanish translation (by Kevin López)
-Qt: Italian translation (by theheroGAC)
-ARM7: Fix MLA/MULL/MLAL timing
-Core: Fix crash with rewind if savestates shrink
-Core: Fix interrupting a thread while on the thread (fixes #692)
-Core: Fix directory sets crashing on close if base isn’t properly detached
-FFmpeg: Fix overflow and general issues with audio encoding
-GB: Fix flickering when screen is strobed quickly
-GB: Fix STAT blocking
-GB MBC: Fix ROM bank overflows getting set to bank 0
-GB MBC: Fix swapping carts not detect new MBC
-GB Timer: Improve DIV reset behavior
-GB Timer: Fix DIV batching if TAC changes
-GB Video: Reset renderer when loading state
-GBA: Fix multiboot ROM loading
-GBA: Fix multiboot loading resulting in too small WRAM
-GBA BIOS: Implement BitUnPack
-GBA BIOS: Fix ArcTan sign in HLE BIOS
-GBA BIOS: Fix ArcTan2 sign in HLE BIOS (fixes #689)
-GBA BIOS: Fix INT_MIN/-1 crash
-GBA Hardware: Fix crash if a savestate lies about game hardware
-GBA I/O: Handle audio registers specially when deserializing
-GBA Memory: Improve initial skipped BIOS state
-GBA Savedata: Fix savedata unmasking (fixes #441)
-GBA Savedata: Update and fix Sharkport importing (fixes #658)
-GBA Video: Fix wrong palette on 256-color sprites in OBJWIN
-GBA Video: Don’t update background scanline params in mode 0 (fixes #377)
-Libretro: Fix saving in GB games (fixes #486)
-LR35902: Fix core never exiting with certain event patterns
-LR35902: Fix pc overflowing current region off-by-one
-LR35902: Fix decoding LD r, $imm and 0-valued immediates (fixes #735)
-OpenGL: Fix some shaders causing offset graphics
-GB Timer: Fix sub-M-cycle DIV reset timing and edge triggering
-Qt: Fix timing issues on high refresh rate monitors
-Qt: Fix linking after some windows have been closed
-Qt: Fix crash when changing audio settings after a game is closed
-Qt: Ensure CLI backend is attached when submitting commands (fixes #662)
-Qt: Disable “New multiplayer window” when MAX_GBAS is reached (fixes #107)
-Qt: Fix game unpausing after frame advancing and refocusing
-SDL: Fix game crash check
-SDL: Fix race condition with audio thread when starting
-SDL: Fix showing version number
-Test: Fix crash when loading invalid file
-Test: Fix crash when fuzzing fails to load a file
-Test: Don’t rely on core for frames elapsed
-Test: Fix crash when loading invalid file
-Test: Fix crash when fuzzing fails to load a file
-Tools: Fix recurring multiple times over the same library
-Util: Fix overflow when loading invalid UPS patches
Util: Fix highest-fd socket not being returned by SocketAccept
-Windows: Fix VDir.rewind
-All: Add C++ header guards
-All: Move time.h include to common.h
-3DS, PSP2, Wii: Last directory loaded is saved
-CMake: Add ability to just print version string
-Core: New, faster event timing subsystem
-Core: Clean up some thread state checks
-Core: Add generic checksum function
-Core: Cores can now have multiple sets of callbacks
-Core: Restore sleep callback
-Core: Move rewind diffing to its own thread
-Core: Ability to enumerate and modify video and audio channels
-Core: List memory segments in the core
-Core: Move savestate creation time to extdata
-Core: Config values can now be hexadecimal
-Core: Improved threading interrupted detection
-Debugger: Modularize CLI debugger
-Debugger: Make building with debugging aspects optional
-Debugger: Add functions for read- or write-only watchpoints
-Debugger: Make attaching a backend idempotent
-Debugger: Add mDebuggerRunFrame convenience function
-Feature: Move game database from flatfile to SQLite3
-Feature: Support ImageMagick 7
-Feature: Make -l option explicit
-FFmpeg: Return false if a file fails to open
-FFmpeg: Force MP4 files to YUV420P
-GB: Trust ROM header for number of SRAM banks (fixes #726)
-GB: Reset with initial state of DIV register
-GB MBC: New MBC7 implementation
-GB Audio: Simplify envelope code
-GB Audio: Improve initial envelope samples
-GB Audio: Start implementing “zombie” audio (fixes #389)
-GB Video: Improved video timings
-GBA: Ignore invalid opcodes used by the Wii U VC emulator
-GBA, GB: ROM is now unloaded if a patch is applied
-GBA DMA: Refactor DMA out of memory.c
-GBA DMA: Move DMAs to using absolute timing
-GBA I/O: Clear JOYSTAT RECV flag when reading JOY_RECV registers
-GBA I/O: Set JOYSTAT TRANS flag when writing JOY_TRANS registers
-GBA Memory: Support for Mo Jie Qi Bing by Vast Fame (taizou)
-GBA Memory: Support reading/writing POSTFLG
-GBA Memory: Remove unused prefetch cruft
-GBA Timer: Improve accuracy of timers
-GBA Video: Clean up unused timers
-GBA Video: Allow multiple handles into the same tile cache
-GBA Video, GB Video: Colors are now fully scaled
-GBA Video: Optimize when BLD* registers are written frequently
-OpenGL: Add xBR-lv2 shader
-Qt: Move last directory setting from qt.ini to config.ini
-Qt: Improved HiDPI support
-Qt: Expose configuration directory
-Qt: Merge “Save” and “OK” buttons in shader options
-Qt: Automatically load controller profile when plugged in
-Qt: Rename “Resample video” option to “Bilinear filtering”
-Qt: Remove audio thread
-Qt: Remove audio buffer sizing in AudioProcessorQt
-Qt: Re-enable QtMultimedia on Windows
-Qt: Make “Mute” able to be bound to a key
-Qt: Add .gb/.gbc files to the extension list in Info.plist
-Qt: Relax hard dependency on OpenGL
-Qt: Better highlight active key in control binding
-SDL: Remove scancode key input
-SDL: Automatically map controllers when plugged in
-Test: Add a basic test suite
-Util: Add size counting to Table
-Util: Add 8-bit PNG write support
-Util: Tune patch-fast extent sizes
-VFS: Call msync when syncing mapped data
-VFS: Allow truncating memory chunk VFiles
-VFS: Fix some minor VFile issues with FILEs
-VFS: Optimize expanding in-memory files
-VFS: Add VFileFIFO for operating on circle buffers

Changes from 0.6.0 BETA
-Qt: Italian translation (by theheroGAC)
-Qt: Updated German translation
-Core: Fix rewinding getting out of sync (fixes #791)
-GB Audio: Fix incorrect channel 4 iteration
-GB Audio: Fix zombie mode bit masking
-GB Serialize: Fix timer serialization
-GB Video: Fix LYC regression
-GBA SIO: Improve SIO Normal dummy driver (fixes #520)
-GBA Timer: Fix count-up timing overflowing timer 3
-PSP2: Use custom localtime_r since newlib version is broken (fixes #560)
-Qt: Fix memory search close button (fixes #769)
-Qt: Fix window icon being stretched
-Qt: Fix initial window size (fixes #766)
-Qt: Fix data directory path
-Qt: Fix controls not saving on non-SDL builds
-Qt: Fix translation initialization (fixes #776)
-Qt: Fix patch loading while a game is running
-Qt: Fix shader selector on Ubuntu (fixes #767)
-Qt: Fix GL-less build
-Qt: Fix Software renderer not handling alpha bits properly
-Qt: Fix screen background improperly stretching
-SDL: Fix cheats not loading
-GB Serialize: Add MBC state serialization
-GBA Memory: Call crash callbacks regardless of if hard crash is enabled
-GBA Timer: Improve accuracy of timers
-PSP2: Update toolchain to use vita.cmake
-Qt: Add language selector
-Qt: Minor text fixes
-Qt: Move shader settings into main settings window
-Qt: Dismiss game crashing/failing dialogs when a new game loads
-Qt: Properly ship Qt translations
-SDL: Remove writing back obtained samples (fixes #768)

Altirra 2.90 [71][witek], 2017-07-16 11:03:14

[Source: http://www.virtualdub.org/altirra.html]

Zmiany w paczce z emu.

Vice 3.1.0 [114][witek], 2017-07-14 21:14:01

[Source: http://vice-emu.sourceforge.net/]

Relase z 27 marca ale nie odnotowałem więc uzupełniam.

** General
- New support for double sided 1571 g64 and p64 images.
- SID filter improvements.
** C64(SC)/SCPU64/C64DTV/C128 changes
- New joyport script64 dongle emulation.
- New joyport vizawrite64 dongle emulation.
- Fixed joyport paperclip64 dongle emulation.
- Fixed StarDOS emulation.
- Fixed VIA emulation.
** C1541
- Fixed commands and added new commands.
** BeOS/Haiku changes
- New drag & drop support: dragging a file from Tracker into the window
now autostarts it, and dragging text into the window pastes it.
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