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WinUAE 4.0.0 Beta9 [439][witek], 2018-05-06 18:16:51

[Source: http://eab.abime.net/showthread.php?s=fe449938ef405f73009da8b9abdd1a59&t=91755&page=17]

Beta 8:

- CL horizontal doubling used wrong width size, fixed buffer overflow (b7).
- CL horizontal doubling multiplier changed to 9/10. Old value missed 320*200 resolution.
- 64-bit host FPU FMOVECR constants that didnt fit in double were clamped to max when they should have been set to infinity.
- All logarithmic and trigonometric functions now use assembly code from existing JIT functions in new 80-bit host FPU mode. This should be feature complete now.
- Multithreaded RTG now only does color conversion/copy in separate thread, present() is done in main thread because of possible thread safety problems.
- Added quite pointless power led switches off/dims misc panel option. Affects OSD power led and D3D led overlay power led brightness.
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Beta 9:

- D3D11 mode screen was not fully refreshed when returning back to fullscreen RTG mode with ALT-TAB/GUI exit
- Inserting or removing USB device with very long internal device name caused a crash.
- Inserting USB device may have also logged some other already connected device as newly inserted.
- If D3D11 mode with level 9.x hardware: test in init phase if main texture creation succeeds, fallback to D3D9 if it fails. It may unexpectedly fail with some old and broken drivers. Previously it would have caused blank screen.
- RTG screen was not updated if only hardware mouse cursor moved and RTG OSD was not enabled or multithreaded RTG was not enabled. (b8)
Toni Wilen is online now


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