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WinUAE 4.0.0 Beta16 [434][witek], 2018-06-14 13:02:36

[Source: http://eab.abime.net/showthread.php?t=91755&page=23]

Beta 13:

- Toccata sound was not fully closed when reset/reset and caused crash if new config was loaded and started.
- Returning back to D3D11 fullscreen from GUI didnt automatically recapture mouse. (b12)
- Debugger f was broken.
- Corrupted OSD graphics (if OSD was enabled) and extra dark/bright line was drawn at the bottom of display in lagless D3D11 fullscreen mode after exiting GUI.
- Second to last line was not drawn in lagless mode. Very last line is invisible by design.
- FMOVE and FMOVEM to memory didnt check if destination addressing mode was invalid (PC relative) and didnt generate F-line.
- FMOVE to control register didnt check if more than 1 control register bit was set which is also invalid and should generate F-line.
- FMOVEM to (An)+ and from -(An) are invalid.
- Softfloat FABS and FNEG didnt handle infinity correctly.

Beta 14:

- Virtual RDB (generated when partition hardfile is mounted in non-UAE controller) now also supports >512 block size partitions.
- Some more code analyzer fixes.
- Paula audio GUI volume setting was ignored if audio mode was mono.
- Restrict minimum allowed JIT cache size to 128. (Previously too small unsupported size was allowed)
- Fixed uaescsi.device reset memory corruption if CD filesystem uses TD_ADDCHANGEINT.
- Logarithmic softfloat functions returned infinity when source value was nan.

Beta 15:

- JIT cache size limit was in wrong validation routine, was ignored by on the fly changes (for example uae-configuration).
- Harddrive imager now also supports native (mainboard/expansion board) IDE connected CHS-only drives.
- Softfloat: 68040 only FPU undocumented feature emulated, FCMP with either (or both) parameters NaN with sign bit set: N-flag gets set.

Beta 16:

- Beta tags removed.
- Unminimizing didnt refresh display in certain situations.