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WinUAE 3.6.0 Beta10 [497][witek], 2017-12-04 22:31:31

[Source: http://eab.abime.net/showthread.php?t=87810&page=9]

Beta 9:

- Added workaround that disables RTG HW sprite if enabled in D3D11 mode. (HW sprite is not yet supported in D3D11)
- Fixed D3D11 position calculation bug that for example caused full window RTG to be partially off-screen.
- 16-bit color depth is now supported in D3D11 mode.
- D3D11 to D3D9 fall back didnt work correctly, it tried D3D11 twice and then selected DirectDraw.
- READ CD-DA (MSF) really works now.
- KS 1.2 autoboot didnt work without extra reset if UAE autoconfig board wasnt first board in autoconfig chain.
- Fixed AdIDE emulation, AdIDE data line "scrambling" got broken in b1.
- Added untested ATAPI tape drive support.
- Selecting index.tape directly (instead of selecting directory where it is located) will also mount the tape in directory mode.
- Tape emulation ignored new index file if tape was first written, rewound and read in same session.
- Tape emulation accuracy improvements.
- Added Toshiba Gary to Advanced chipset, if ticked, 0xe80000 to 0xf7ffff has chip ram access speed.
- Added ROM is slow (Toshiba Gary without transistor fix), KS ROM space also has chip ram access speed.
- 68030 data cache emulation didnt work correctly if write was cached and address was odd. (Bug found by Hatari developers)
- ECS Denise BPLCON2 ECS-only bits were masked unless AGA was selected, ECS-specific KILLEHB linetoscr was not implemented. Seven Seas/Andromeda now shows correctly corrupted palette if ECS Denise.
- IDE FORMAT TRACK fixed, it needs to transfer single block of data (and then toss it away). Fixes Gigatron Arriba installer.
- Emulated Gigatron Arriba IDE controller. ROM dump not available.
- 64-bit only bad stack linker setting correctded, caused random crashes and caused file dialogs to crash if certain shell extensions were installed. (Thanks mutetus!)

Beta 10:

Direct3D11 support should now work in any Windows 7SP1+ installation without extra manual updates (that D3D9 required) and also work with most older GPUs.

- DIVS/DIVU overflow condition undefined flags emulated. 68000 was already correct (N is also always set). 68020/030 has weird extra conditions. 68040/060 never sets undefined flags.
- Direct3D11 init failing due to missing DLLs caused a crash.
- D3D11 mode now uses pre-compiled shaders, D3DCompiler_47.dll is not needed anymore, which is not system built-in in Windows 7 and 8.0.
- D3D11 fullscreen now temporarily switches to desktop when opening GUI. Opening GUI on top of fullscreen is unreliable, causing random black screens, dropping to desktop with blank emulation window visible etc...
- D3D11 16-bit mode is now working, only main texture should be 16-bit, everything else needs to be 32-bit (GPU does needed conversions internally).
- D3D11 mode minimum supported hardware level is now 10.0 (was 11.0)
- Gigatron Arriba boot ROM support added.
- GUI OSD now ignores very quick floppy select/deselects (for example used to check diskchanges), floppy OSD only lights when drive is selected for more than 1 frames. Reduces number of useless OSD updates.
- Added "CIA 391078-01" advanced chipset checkbox. This CIA revision has a bug, if IO port is in output mode, reading it will always read output mode data state. Other models, including original DIP 8520, 391078-02 and Akiko internal CIAs read IO pin external voltage level as documented. This can affect "bad" mouse left button/joystick fire button reading code if it uses output mode.
- Joystick fire button/mouse left button CIA IO ports in output mode always used 391078-01 behavior.
- 68020/030 instruction cache update, cache read hits were possible even if cache was disabled.


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