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Supermodel 0.3 WIP SVN729 [410][witek], 2018-05-25 20:44:53

-Render the opaque part of texture transparency in the first pass. Fixes numerous transparency related issues in lemans24 and some in ocean hunter. I dont really know if this is the correct way of solving this because the real3d pro-1000 is a complete black box. There is still a lot we dont understand about how it handles transparency.
-Added a stretch mode (-stretch) and modified new renderers viewport code (hopefully correctly) to handle aspect ratio correction and widening the way the legacy one does.
-Parse siblings after children. Its the only way to get Daytona water fall to look correct without h/w poly sorting.
– Fixed Makefiles for non-MSYS builds. Unfortunately had to revert a lot of the automated configuration that Harry had inserted. Users will again need to hand-edit Makefile.Win32 for their configuration. Verbose warnings (-Wall) have been restored.
– Parse out TranslucencyPatternSelect
– Select correct bit