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PCSX2 1.5.0-dev-1885 [1325][powerzx], 2017-02-17 05:14:24

[Source: http://buildbot.orphis.net/pcsx2/]


-GameIndex.dbf: Removed Shin Megami Tensei Digital Devil Saga series EE timing hack
-gsdx wgl: retry to create a context without advance flag Hopefully it will support more drivers #1813
-gsdx sw: init completely m_scanline buffer The buffer contains extra room to avoid a segmentation fault due to an overflow. Unfortunately the end of the buffer wasn`t initialized which can lead to unexpected behavior. Based on issue #1806 it could impact Guilty Gear X2
-gsdx ogl: add a texture barrier when target is read back Fix graphical corruption in Nouveau/BUA/devil may cry Issue #1805
-gsdx ogl: drop fallback of GL_ARB_clear_texture Mesa AMD was updated :) all drivers[1] that support GL_ARB_shader_image_load_store got GL_ARB_clear_texture [1] Intel driver misses others extensions to run GSdx
-gsdx ogl: allow to start without GL_ARB_texture_barrier Rendering will be corrupted (for advance effects) if the driver doesn`t support it. However it allow to run with Mesa software emulation (or inside a virtual machine) Note: mesa still requires an override of the buffer storage extension MESA_EXTENSION_OVERRIDE=GL_ARB_buffer_storage
-gsdx: requires/allow BMI instruction in AVX2 build So far BMI is inclusive in AVX2 CPU. Help compiler to generate better code


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