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Orbital WIP [551][powerzx], 2018-03-25 10:10:49

[Source: https://github.com/AlexAltea/orbital]

Orbital is a Virtualization-based PlayStation 4 emulator.

This project is not ready for end users. No binaries are provided, so you must build each of the three components (BIOS, GRUB, QEMU) yourself. Furthermore, configuring the emulator to do something will be hard, as you will need to dump and decrypt the entire PS4 filesystem and sflash, including the kernel. You might find hints on how to do this in the few scattered .sh files in this repo. Of course, in the future, I will make this emulator more user-friendly.

OS: Windows, Linux.
Processor: x86-64 CPU with AVX/AVX2 extensions.
Memory: 16 GB RAM.
Graphics: TBD.


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