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Nova v0.2.0 [398][witek], 2018-04-21 23:47:04

[Source: https://twitter.com/realSteveKwok]

-SH2: Added timing for interrupt handling(Kidou Senshi Z Gundam).
-SH2: Rewrote address mapping/mirroring stuff again.
-SH2: Added handling for illegal delay slot instructions.
-SCSP: Added read byte of SCIPD(Virtua Cop/Virtua Cop 2).
-CDB: Implemented several MPEG part commands(preliminary), Lunar-Silver Star Story MPEG Ban is playable now(No MPEG video/audio playing).
-MISC: Added NO_GFX mode to increase the debugging speed.
-VDP1: Fixed a bug of the clipping system not initialized when reseting(opening movie of Kidou Senshi Z Gundam).
-VDP2: Fixed a bug of PAL mode(Rayman (Europe)).
-SMPC: Tweaked timing of INTBACK command(autofire issue of Rayman).
-INPUT: Fixed a bug of key num4 on the numberpad which acts as same as the right key.

-SH2: Added read byte access of TIER register of FRT(3D Lemmings (E)).
-SCU: Refactored INTC.
-SCU: Made DSP and DMAC as separated excutable devices.
-SCU: Supported irregular(Transfer address is not aligned or transfer count is an odd number) DMA transfers.
-SCU: Implemented better timing for DMA transfers.
-SCU: Implemented better synchronization mechanism for DMAC.
-SCU: Implemented caching of DMA triggers.
-SCU: Implemented priority for the three DMA levels.
-SCU: Implemented all status(Access, Interruption, Standby, Operation) of DMA transfers.
-SCU: Implemented Force-Stop of DMA transfers.
-SCU: Implemented handling for illegal DMA.
-SCU: Implemented handling for the Status of Stopped DMA registers.
-SCU: Added handling for DSTA register.
-SCU: Added "Cool-down" time for interrupted/Force-Stopped DMA transfers.
-SCU: Added restrictions for register access.
-VDP1: Added restrictions for register access.
-VDP2: Fixed the VBLANK bit of TVSTAT register.
-CDB: Refactored handling of DATATRNS register.
-CDB: Added byte access of DATATRNS register(Steam Hearts via SCU DMA).
-SYSTEM: Added checking for accessing device registers from slave SH2.
-MISC: Refined regular expressions of the CUE parser.
-MISC: Fixed regular expression bugs of the INI parser.

– SH2: Fixed crashing bugs of the disassembler.
– SH2: Added a hook routine for special usage.
– SCU: Fixed a bug of table address boundary checking of DMAC indirect mode.
– SMPC: Added magic numbers to the battery save file.
– VDP1: Fixed MSBON of polygon.
– CDB: Added log messages for commands MpDisp, MpSetWin, MpSetBcolor, MpSetFade, MpSetVeff.
– SYSTEM: Implemented Nova BIOS(Preliminary).
– SYSTEM: Supported ROM cartridge.
– MISC: Implemented comments handing for the INI parser.
– MISC: Added new options in nova.ini.
– MISC: Some file names were changed,
« backup.bin » to « primary_01.bup »
« memcard_00.bin » to « memcard_01.bup »
« smpc.bin » to « battery.sav »


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