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Mednafen 1.21.2 [451][witek], 2018-04-04 11:33:41

[Source: https://forum.fobby.net/index.php?t=msg&th=1675&start=0&]


Updated bundled copy of Tremor to address a security vulnerability.

SS: Improved emulation of SCU DSP DMA to program RAM, per tests on a SS(still nowhere near perfect, the way its implemented on hardware is kind of horrible, but it should work ok if games use it how its meant to be used); fixes graphical glitches in "Shining Force III - Scenario 2", and perhaps in the other "Shining Force III" games as well.
SS: Flush the prefetched SCU DSP instruction when PC is set via PPAF, instead of when END/ENDI executes or when execution is forcibly stopped, per tests on a SS.

SS: Disallow SCU DSP LOP from being written in a looped single instruction unless its the final iteration, per tests on a SS.

SS: Allow SCU DSP LOP to underflow to 0xFFF with LPS and BTM, per tests on a SS.