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EmuLoader 8.5 [409][glob@s], 2018-03-28 23:51:38

[Source: http://emuloader.mameworld.info]

Bios/device ROMs showing as "Parent Bios" / "Parent Device" in game sets ("Arcade Scan Results" screen)
Message panel not showing up when applying quick systems filter in grouped view mode
MAME software list games not audited correctly if set has no main "gamename.zip" file but have CHD files
Setting "MAMU_ Icons Folder" was not saved in .ini file when closing "Preferences" screen
TEdit was in read-only mode; you can rename files in "Rename Image" dialog again
Background color of single image layout was not restored at startup and not set after closing "Image Category Settings" screen
Create ZiNc games list was setting bios ROMs as "parent ROM" on games sets.

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