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DeSmuME R5433 [892][powerzx], 2017-02-17 05:03:37

[Source: http://buildbot.orphis.net/desmume/]


- Begin rework for supporting RGB666 and RGB888 color formats. (This rework is still incomplete.)
- Fix the random battle transition in Final Fantasy III. (Regression from r5344. Fixes bug #1548.)
- 3D renderers can now be requested to output their framebuffers in RGBA6665 (SoftRasterizer and OpenGL) or RGBA8888 (OpenGL only) color formats.

-fix crash in gbagame slot2 addon when gba rom doesn`t exist
-winport: add options for killing stylus off-screen
-zero out capture buffer in case advanced spu logic is disabled (prevents noise in savestates taken with a different advanced spu logic setting)
-winport: add note to sound config gui that advanced spu logic is a sync setting
-winport: remove userconfig, replace with msbuild-based system. easily support newer SSE versions while we`re at it
-fix errors and tidiness in commandline help
-fix bin output filename

PS. Autobuilds are broken.


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