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Altirra 3.20 Test3 [274][witek], 2018-10-30 15:26:36

[Source: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/281825-altirra-310-released/page-7]


-Full disk emulation: Read Address FDC command no longer drops sectors with CRC errors, interrupted Write Sector commands still change the sector, Write Sector now overwrites the DAM and can remove CRC errors, and partial support for 1771 nonstandard sector sizes. This allows the Happy Copier to correctly copy CRC errors.
-Rotate Disks now works correctly with full drive emulators.
-Debugger: .disktrack can now be used with D2: and above; assert/trace directives are no longer run twice for carts; fixed non-816 modes occasionally showing the wrong effective address for abs,X/abs.Y modes in history; .basic* commands have improved support for Turbo-Basic XL.
-Added support for debugging banked cartridges. Currently this is only implemented for MaxFlash cartridges, but the syntax is t:bank offset, e.g. t:$04 A100 gives the memory location at $A100 after accessing $D504. This can matched to MADS banked symbols via special symbol names to tell the debugger the relationship between hardware banks and MADS banks. See Altirra Extended BASIC for an example.
-VBXE now gives narrow width for the %11 width setting. (thx HeavenTQA!)
-Fixed CPU microcode issue that caused Step Over to effectively become Step Out when an interrupt was encountered.
-Fixed broken CIO acceleration options in Configure System.
-Added input map preset for arrow keys -> paddle.
-AltirraOS and Altirra BASIC now show version numbers in the firmware selectors and have changelists in the rom set HTML readme.
-AltirraOS is now versioned separately from the emulator and updated to 3.11:

+FDIV fixed so 0/0 properly gives an error instead of returning 0.
+AFP no longer accepts a single period.
+Fixed occasional bogus errors from EXP10.
+Boot screen now stomps COLDST to force BASIC cold boot on reset.