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Altirra 3.10 Test32 [357][witek], 2018-07-04 23:28:08

[Source: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/273633-altirra-300-released/page-22]

- Adds some support for extended memory debugging. In 6502 mode, the CPU history now tracks which bank the PC is in, and enabling global PC in the history window shows additional info for extended memory banks. The debugger uses a new XXYYYY syntax for extended memory addresses, e.g. $EF4800 maps to the byte at $4800 when PORTB=$EF. This makes extended memory a bit easier to deal with than the x:addr syntax, which requires mapping the banks to a linear address space. If you have MADS symbols with the bank values in the symbols, these can also be matched to banked PC addresses. Breakpoints can also be set at PORTB extended memory addresses.
- Fixed another issue of aliasing between PORTB and Axlon extended memory.
- Added US Doubler firmware to autodetection list.
- Custom symbols (debugger ya command) can now be read-only and write-only.
- Fixed VBXE handling of ANTIC hires pixel priority. Priority is now always PF2/PF3 for XCOLOR=0 and FX1.26 core and PF1/PF2/PF3 for XCOLOR=1 with FX1.26.
- Rewrote modem networking code to make the connection step synchronous so it wont hang the emulator until the connection timeout if interrupted.
- Accepting incoming modem calls now also triggers phone network simulation sounds.
- Fixed broken 65C816 high memory selector in the configuration UI.
- Removed extra file extensions from the file filters on the Save Cartridge UI so the common file dialog auto-switches extensions, both filters had most of the cart extensions to show the files, but this was also allowing the cross-type filenames.

- Fix compiler bug.


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