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Altirra 3.10 Test26 [262][witek], 2018-05-19 01:27:38

[Source: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/273633-altirra-300-released/page-18]

-Rapidus low flash window is now tied to PBI enable and 6502CR is no longer cleared on warm reset.
-Fixed a bug with the Shift key state sometimes getting out of whack on boot in full raw keyboard scan mode. This was a particularly problematic with the stock Rapidus PBI flash, which interprets any key held down as a request to go to 6502 safe mode.
-Placeholder "you have no Rapidus OS" ROM was crashing sometimes due to having crap in standard vector locations.

Note that warm reset still wont work with the 6502 safe mode in Rapidus -- as far as I can tell, the 8-bit PBI flash doesnt have a provision for handling this and always overwrites low memory. 6502C mode enabled through the setup menu should work.

-Selecting color presets now resets the color matching mode.
-Fix XEGS/SXEGS sub-emulation in The!Cart emulation -- fixed and variable banks were swapped.
-Add some new verifier modes: loads from absolute address 0, disk I/O reads over active display list, OS calling convention violations (calling SIOV with I=1).
-Support for cartridge types: Blizzard 32K (60), XEGS 64K alternate (67), Atrax 128K in raw ordering (68), aDawliah 32K (69), aDawliah 64K (70).
-There is now a checkbox on the mapper dialog to override the detection if you really need to force a mapper that is not showing up (such as if the init vectors are garbage).
-Compiler updated from VS2017 15.4.2 to 15.7.1. (What could possibly go wrong?)

-Fix list view double-click crash.
-Improve handling of double-clicks so that double click on checkboxes doesnt activate the item.
-Disable boot sector field when creating disks with 512 byte sectors.